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What are the good quality plywood in India

What are the good quality plywood in India or how to identify good quality plywood

Vishu Interiors suggest looking for these quality checks while buying plywood.

1.    Shouldn't have too many core gaps (small gaps in between layers of core). Look for these in the side profile along the length & breadth of a panel. It should look like the picture attached below with layers running straight in parallel lines without much gaps. Some amount of pin hole gaps (2mm - 3mm) are allowed but too many of those should serve as a warning sign.

best plywood image

  1. Nail Holding Capacity - The strength of a plywood panel is predicated on its capacity to hold a nail while being used in furniture. Before buying a ply, ask your dealer to hammer in a nail (1.5inch #14) into the side profile of a plywood sheet. If the layers split on nailing, the bonding isn’t strong enough and will not work for furniture work.
  1. Test reports - Any genuine manufacturer would have factory lab test reports as well third party test report of their plywood panels. Ask for these from the dealer before purchasing. A good manufacturer generally also offers guarantee on the panels, ask for a certificate if they have one.
  1. Buy according to the purpose you need it for. For indoor furniture, which isn't going to be exposed to water, use BWR grade (moisture resistant), for any furniture which has a chance of getting in contact with water often such as kitchen furniture, use BWP(boiling water Proof) / Marine Ply. You can test a marine ply for its waterproof characteristic by taking a cut sample and boiling it in a pressure cooker for 7 whistles. The layers of the ply shouldn’t delaminate in a genuine case as per standard marine ply. If it splits, it's probably not a marine ply.
  1. Prefer Eucalyptus (red Core) plywood over Poplar as its higher in density as well as strength. There is a myth that Gurjan is the best timber to be used in Plywood. Its not when you take into consideration the huge price difference and whether it justifies the almost negligible density difference it has over Eucalyptus. It has the same performance specifications as Eucalyptus but costs a hell lot more! Eucalyptus gets the job done and serves the purpose your ply is intended to do for a lifetime. So instead of buying really expensive Burmese Gurjan (which is not available in Indian anymore, imported from Burma), go for Eucalyptus core.
types of plywood

  1. Look for CM/L numbers stamped on top of the plywood sheets which you can look up online to get the factory details. CM/L numbers are the license numbers of the factories for different grades they are certified to manufacture according to the ISI norms. If the sheet doesn’t have a CM/L number on it, move on.

The history of plywood industry in India goes back to the early 1900’s when India imported its first consignment in the year 1906. With the increasing demands, there were two plywood factories which were started in Assam. Following the scenario, numerous researches and experiments were made to testify the quality of the India-made plywood. It was concluded that the quality of the layers of wood veneer which produces plywood is as good as other countries. Eventually, orders were passed to setup plywood factories in various parts of India.

I would like to put forward a list of  best plywood companies in India in 2018.
1.      Duro Ply
2.      Century Ply
3.      Kit Ply
4.      Green Ply